Minimising vaginal tearing

Annalisa Abela oils perineal massage

Research has shown that massaging your perineum (the area between your vagina and back passage) from approximately 34 weeks pregnant can reduce the chance of you sustaining a tear that requires stitches. It can also reduce the need for an episiotomy (a small cut into the perineum). Perineal massage is thought to be particularly beneficial if you are having your first baby.

Research also shows that antenatal perineal massage can reduce discomfort after the birth for women who are having their second or subsequent babies.
Natural Birthing Company's “Down Below” Perineal Massage Oil has been specially formulated for the intimate area of the perineum and its fragrance free blend ensures it is safe use in pregnancy. It is safe to use (it is purposefully made for the job!), fragrance free, nut-free, allergen-free and it is also multi-purpose.

Down Below is perfect for...
- Perineal massage
- Stretch marks
- Dry skin
- Scar tissue
- Itchy, irritated skin
- Sensitive skin (No Allergens and Fragrance-Free)

You may also find Down Below - Perineal Massage Oil in our BAG 3 - Labour Prep Bag.

Down Below has won the Mama & Baby Award 2020 for Best Perineum Massage Oil, and the Mother & Baby shortlist awards in 2018!!

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