BAG 4 - Hello World Bag
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BAG 4 - Hello World Bag

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The birth of a baby is also the birth of a new Mum, a new you! This bag will take you through the first initial hiccups as you journey through motherhood and you adapt to being someone’s whole universe. You have been doing all the research for labour, going to all the necessary prenatal classes and setting up the nursery of your dreams. Now what?

The Hello World Bag has you covered. So many practical things to think about and you get to learn from experience. Well, we have been through this and we have collected all your needs here. Its not just about the baby, it is also about you, Mama. We want to take care of you, and whilst we do that, we ensure the best possible start for your little one too.

Each bag contains:

All of these are neatly packed in one of our custom-made Bloom Bag, re-usable, zipped bags which you can use and re-use daily!