About Us

We are Annalisa and Kurt. We became parents to Thomas and Andrew, in 2018. It was only when we got pregnant ourselves that we became aware of the chemicals found in products that could be potentially harmful to us and our unborn twins. Annalisa made it her mission to find the most safe and suitable products that could be used in pregnancy whilst giving her total peace of mind. This did not come easy though. Being pregnant makes it even more difficult to run around trying to find all the essentials needed during pregnancy; a delicate time where you have days where you feel like you can move mountains, and other days where you cannot even get out of bed.
When our babies arrived, the same story applied but now it was even more difficult to go out and run errands. We had also never thought about anything related to baby sensory and our focus shifted completely on how to engage, stimulate and be good parents to these two human beings that were entrusted to us. This made us forget to take care of ourselves on most days which is just as important.
A year later, we thought how the difficulties we had encountered to find the right products could be something many new parents similarly go through. So why not try and make it a bit easier for others as well?
Combining the knowledge Annalisa had achieved through her years of experience in midwifery, to the technological wonders of Kurt, we have come up with Bloom Bag - a bag to cover each trimester of pregnancy. No frills, no extras - just the essentials you need to make the transition into each trimester as easy as possible. Why a bag? Because we want to make our part for the environment, and for our children’s future's sake we wanted you to be able to reuse the bag.
Bloom Bag aims to take care of mums-to-be and makes sure new mums get the pampering they deserve, whilst providing tranquillity of mind and reassurance. If you think these products are an indulgence, think again.
Mamas need to be cared for and nurtured, they are the wonders of nature and miracle growers.