How it works

We have researched many pregnant-friendly products and just designed four important bags full of the absolute necessities which you will need for each trimester of your pregnancy. We want to help you every step of the way because there’s no need for excuses to treat yourself when you are growing a little human inside of you…you simply deserve it!!

Each Bloom Bag consists of our very own custom-made, eco-friendly, reusable cotton bag and split into:

New beginnings Bag (week 4 to week 12)

Trimester 1: New beginnings Bag

(week 4 to week 12)


Trimester 2: Growing Baby Bump Bag

(week 13 to week 28)


Trimester 3: Labour Prep Bag

(week 28 to birth)


Trimester 4: Hello World Bag

(the 12-week period immediately after you have had your baby)


Your purchasing options are:

  1. Unique items – any item found in Bloom Bags and in our store

  2. Separate Bloom Bags – choose any Bloom Bag you want

  3. Create your own Bloom Bag – choose up to 8 items for your tailored Bloom Bag

  4. Gift Vouchervarious options available for that special mum-to-be

  5. Bloom Bag Combo – the ultimate subscription of all 4 bags which includes all products on sale. This is perfect for mums-to-be. At the beginning of each trimester, you will be receiving unique products for both mum and baby right at your doorstep. Speak to us for more information about subscription packages.

Beautiful bespoke gift bags

Our bespoke gift bags make the perfect gift for a Mum-to-be, a baby shower or as a little treat for you or a loved one. All our bags contain many products which cannot be found on the High Street making for a truly unique gift – we can also send your gift directly to your loved one with an enclosed personalised message. Speak to us for more information.