Pure Bliss - Soothing Postnatal Compress Solution
Pure Bliss - Soothing Postnatal Compress Solution
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Pure Bliss - Soothing Postnatal Compress Solution

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Soothes and Calms your Intimate Area After Birth

You finally have your beautiful baby but in reality you may also feel battered, bruised and tired. Pure Bliss provides the perfect TLC; soothing and supporting your lady parts to get back to normal whilst calming any soreness in that process. Pure Bliss contains Calendula, an ingredient that soothes and calms the skin, promotes skin healing and repair and also contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Supports the Tissues to Heal (including a Caesarean Section wound)

Pure Bliss supports your tissues allowing them to heal (including a Caesarean Section wound). Our wonderful key ingredients including Sunflower Seed Oil, Calendula and Hypericum contain anti-inflammatory properties, promote skin healing and promote skin repair. Allowing you to feel more 'you' again!

Brings Immediate Relief to a Tender Perineum

Pure Bliss Soothing Compress Solution soothes and calms your delicate intimate area after birth, bringing immediate relief to a tender perineum, reducing the feeling of swelling and supporting the tissues to heal. Pure Bliss contains both Sunflower Seed Oil and Calendula that soothe sore skin.